Emotion center offers a caring environment, where you take time to explore and develop yourself and your relation to others. Talk to a psychologist in Copenhagen NV. We speak english.

Individual Therapy

For those who have personal challenges and want to work towards a state of well-being, emotional clarification, constructive patterns and healthy  relationships.

We offer therapy sessions, by highly qualified psychologists, adapted to your personal needs. We recommend 90 minute sessions and for those who are willing to work more intensively, we offer and often suggest double sessions. It is our experience that you can achieve better results with our therapeutic method, if we have enough time to go in depth with your challenges and round of the session in a good manner.

Couples Therapy

For those who experience conflict, hurt feelings, inappropriate behaviour towards their partner and lack of constructive communication in their relationship.

In couple’s therapy, we focus on how to handle conflicts and we encourage couples to be honest about their feelings and unmet needs.

We suggest that we meet up for an initial session all together to talk about your challenges and dynamics in your couple. We then recommend  each of you to continue working individually for a couple of sessions and finally meet up again all together and evaluate the process. We have more psychologists who can help with the individual sessions.

Family Care

Family Therapy. Difficult family relations, can lead to distancing selves from each other while experiencing conflicting feelings, which are difficult to integrate harmoniously. We investigate difficult relations and give space to talk about unresolved issues that may never have been spoken of earlier, but may have been present for some time.

Caregiver Counselling. For those who have difficulties with their children, and find it hard to figure how to bridge these difficulties, we talk about your relationship to your children, their behaviour/challenges and how you can understand and support them in a constructive manner.

Courses and Lectures


“Circle of Security Parenting” COS-P is a course for caregivers, who wish to create a secure emotional bond with their child.

COS-P is based on many years of research on emotional attachment, and draws on knowledge from attachment and developmental psychology. Receive specific knowledge and inspiration, that enables you to interact constructively with your child and understand your child’s emotional universe.


Lectures are inspired by attachment theory and dynamic therapy: Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP). Various theoretical insights are converted into practical tools and actions that you can use to understand your own or others emotional needs and reactions in everyday life. Book a psychologist in Copenhagen NV.


For those who want to get away from the routines of everyday life and get a better knowledge of yourself and others. An inspiring weekend with quality time for reflection, a respite from daily circumstances where there is time for you to get creative. If you are interested in the next Retreat then please contact Emotion Center.