In EMOTION CENTER we strive to develop relationships into healthy and trusting relationships, so all emotions, dreams and worries can be contained and shared. We all do counselling in English.

isabella Noer

– Psychologist

I am educated as a psychologist from the University of Copenhagen. Along the studies I have gained practical experience from the psychiatry and elderly care, as well as in the field of personal development with young people at ”Camp True North” and NGOs abroad.

What drives me is to help people connect to themselves and to discover inner freedom. I am passionate about growth – both for the people I work with as well as for myself. This is reflected in my therapeutic practice as engagement, sincerity and empathy.

I live in Copenhagen with my small family of three. Apart from working I enjoy being active through yoga, dance, surfing and play.

(+45) 29 91 74 25

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Jakob Brixen

– Authorized Psychologist

I am a licensed psychologist with more than 10 years experience in psychotherapy, counseling and supervision.

In my therapeutic work, it is important for me to create a framework for appreciable and meaningful change for the individual.
I have extensive experience working with young people and adolescents.

Apart from my specialization in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), I also have an education in clinical hypnosis.
In addition to my work as a psychologist, I am a songwriter and musician, and I love the creative process. I live with my girlfriend and our daughter.
I do counseling in English.

(+45) 42 74 14 24

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Mikkel Reher-Langberg

– Authorized Psychologist

I am a psychologist by education, with a background in philosophy and music, where I still find great inspiration. As a professional, I am formed by many years of conversations with people in a broad range of psychiatric institutions. Together, these experiences have given me a keen eye for complexity, a creative sense, and an open and curious mindset.

I am chairman of the Danish Society for Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy and in 2018 I published my first book on Sigmund Freud at the English academic publishing House Routledge. I do counselling in english.

(+45) 20 45 01 67

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Psychologist Florence Noer

Florence Noer

– Authorized Psychologist & Founder

I am Danish / French and grew up, lived and worked in several countries in Europe and the Middle East.

This nomadic lifestyle has brought me far in terms of cultural and professional experiences. I have acquired a versatile life experience and human understanding, contributing to my personal and professional competences. My therapeutic specialization is based on the method Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP).

I am 45 years old and mother of twin boys.

I do counselling in english.

I have a waiting list. You are welcome to get a place on my list. The list is open at the moment.

(+45) 27 92 77 77